Packing Items:


It is recommended that you take/bring the following items to make your journey more comfortable.


DSC04216.JPG  DSC04724.JPG  DSC04764.JPG




1x wide brimmed hat. 

Baseball cap will also do but wide brimmed is preferable

1 x Balaclava/monkey woolen cap covering entire head & face with opening for eyes OR

1 x Fleece cap made with Wind stopper fabric

1 x Woolen scarf, if you generally feel cold

18x Cottonunderwear. (Suggestion: Buy cheap ones, which you can leave behind)

Undergarments (for women)

4 x Lightweight thermal tops (Duofold / CoolMax or similar) as underwear

4 x Light weight thermal long johns (Capilene / Duofold or Similar)

3 x Flannel shirts

Long and short sleeve T-shirts

Shirts when traveling by air, at hotel & sightseeing in Kathmandu

3 pairs Trousers suitable for outdoor / hiking wear

1 x lightweight Jogging suit (top & bottom when traveling in car, hotel)

1 x Long sleeve fleece jacket (North Face or similar)

1 x Ski jacket (North Face or similar) with Gore-Tex (windproof & waterproof) if you generally feel cold

10 x Woolen socks (at least 65% wool)

Socks liners

1 pair Woolen gloves/ski gloves or battery operated heated gloves

1 pair glove liner

1 x Raincoat/waterproof parka

1 x Swimwear (for use when dipping in Lake Manasarovar)


Towels-Qty:  1 bath, 2 hand towels, 4 washcloths

1 pair lightweight waterproof hiking shoes preferable ankle high with in-sole if required OR

1 pair Sneakers that have deep tracks for gripping

1 pair Shoes (for Kathmandu, India)

Spare shoelaces

1 pair slippers


Equipment List:


1 x Sleeping Bag (mummy or square type according to your sleeping habit), goose down, at least minus 10F, preferably minus 20F (about $200-$500).  Down sleeping bags are OK if they are stored in water-repellent stuff bags.  Down fill is somewhat warmer and more compact than synthetic fill but down is non-insulating when wet.(can be tented in Nepal) .


1 x sleeping bag liner (keeps interior of sleeping bag clean, adds insulation)

1 x Compression stuff sack for keeping sleeping bag compact

1 x Small fleece blanket

1 x Self-inflating Air pillow

1 pair walking sticks (Nomad provides at no cots a regular wooden stick)

2 x Drinking water bottles Nalgene

2 x Hot water bottles (can be rented in Nepal)

4 x 12 hour chemical heating pads (if required)

1 x Flashlight or headlamp (Hans free preferable) with extra batteries

1 x Swiss Army type pocket knife (not essential).  Do not place in cabin bag

A good quality college level backpack (to hold toiletries, clothing, snacks, water bottle and camera etc.

1 x Medium to Large duffel bag 36 (preferably with wheels)

An extra bag/suitcase, which can be left at storage at the hotel in Kathmandu, which will hold clothes/extras, needed prior to start of Yatra and after.




1 x Quick dry bath or body towel

1 tube Toothpaste

2 x Tooth brushes

Brush or comb

Small mirror

Shaving kit

2 x medium bottles of Antibacterial gel wash

1 x Dry shampoo

2 x packets Wet wipes

2 packets Body wipes

1 roll Toilet paper

Sun protection lotion, SPF 30 and greater

1 x Air freshener

1 x Mosquito Repellent (Deet)

Nail cutter

Some baby pins, plastic cord etc.

Lip Balm (SPF 30+)

Talcum owder (for feet)


Food & Snacks:

Granola bars (2bars/day)

Power bars

Peanut bars

Dried salted ginger (helps alleviate dry throat)

Candy, dried fruits

Gatorade powder

Nasto (Chuda, mamra etc)


Puja Samagri:


5 pictures or statue of god

Holy water (Ganga & Jamuna)if available

Haldi & kumkum, Chandan-etc.

Dry fruits, nuts & brown sugar

Panchamrut-honey, long lasting milk (with a 3month expiry date), cheese, sugar & yogurt

Kalasha-Shankha-Ghante (Bell)

Silver bilvapatra, Tulsi, Agarbatthi & Bhasma


Havan Box

6 supari

Aasan, tissues, 2 x 2 cloth-one red and one white piece

Aluminum foil

1lb Rice, wheat, small coconut (available for purchase in kathmandu)


Other Items:

$100 cash payable to your sherpa in Saga

Cash for Airport Taxes, Sightseeing Entrance Fees-etc.

Cash for feeding Brahmins at Pashupatinath Temple

Cash/T.C./Credit Cards for personal expenses

Passport (leave photocopy of passport at home and carry one copy with you)

1 x Security neck pouch (to store passport, money, t/checks and valuables)

4 passport sized photographs (2 required if obtaining visa at airport in Nepal and 2 for Tibet visa)

Diary/note book & pen (to record your travel, feelings, thoughts etc.)

Camera (still or video).  If digital (need charger with voltage regulator)

Camera batteries, films, flash/compact/memory sticks (for digital camera)

Portable music players


Small Toys, pens marbles to gift to Tibetans kids

Photographs of family members with whom you wish to share this Yatra.

1 pair Sunglasses (UV protection type) with lanyard (holder)

Extra pair of glasses/contacts if you wear prescription glasses

Watch (leave your expensive watch at home)